About Never a Straight Line

What is it about travel, life, and simple existence that can make you want to write? Or, for that matter, to read? If that is you, welcome to Never a Straight Line. You have to be restless to read it and you must certainly be restless to contribute.

Never a Straight Line is the brainchild of globe-trotting medic, Richard Villar. Richard has written 1000 words, about this and that, every day and seemingly for ever. You might be the same.

You have an idea, you see something odd, maybe funny, perhaps interesting. You want to share it with yourself, with others, maybe no one at all. Pen hits paper, fingers hit keys and before you know it you have an article, or post, and you have no idea where it should go. Well that is Never a Straight Line, food for the restless mind.

Richard has spent many years going to places that others may not see. He has been to plenty that others visit, too. He is restless, as you are restless. Otherwise you simply would not be here. Never a Straight Line started as his views, observations, feelings, even ideas. It has now gone well beyond that.

So if you have 1000 words to offer, maybe a little more, maybe a little less, send them in and our editorial team will have a look. You, too, could appear on Never a Straight Line. Remember that Never a Straight Line is about the world, read by the world, and seeking the unusual.